Sermon Notes

1. Lions & Darts & Snares Oh My! Outline (Satan's Place Series)_05.21.17

2. Anger Managenent Outline (Satan's Place Series)_05.28.17

3. Armor Up Outline (Satan's Place Series)_06.04.17

4. Sex is Not a Four Letter Word Outline (Satan's Place Series)_06.11.17

5. Empower Your Prayer Life Outline (Satan's Place Series)_06.18.17

6. Escaping Satan's Place Outline (Satan's Place Series)_06.25.17

7. Whom Do You Serve Outline (Satan's Place Series)_07.09.17

8. Pay Attention Outline (Satan's Place Series)_07.23.17

I'm Bored! Sermon Outline_08.30.17

1. Inside Your Circle of Influence (Living Life)_Full Sermon Notes_08.16.17

2. Increasing Your Capacity to Inspire Others (Living Life Series)_Full Sermon Notes_08.13.17

3. Taking the Initiative (Living Life Series)_Full Sermon Notes_08.20.17

1. Your Need for the Gospel (LUV! Series)_Full Sermon Notes_08.27.17

2.Life (LUV! Series) Full Sermon Notes_09.03.17

3. Unmerited Favor - Forgiveness (LUV! Series)_09.24.17

4. Victory (LUV! Series)_10.01.17

The Character of a Great Nation 2017_10.15.17

Remembering the Lord's Supper_11.05.17

Change From A Veteran Warrior_11.12.17

Choices_11.19.17_Community Unity Day for NEHS Football

1. Making Peace with God (Christmas that Led to Peace! Series)_12.03.17

2. Making Peace Within (Christmas that Led to Peace! Series)_12.10.17

3. Making Peace with Others (Christmas That Led to Peace!)_12.17.17

4. Making Peace With Christ (Christmas That Led to Peace!)_12.24.17

1. The Churches Foundation Full Sermon Notes (What is the Church?)_01.07.18

2. The Churches Makeup Full Sermon Notes (What is the Church?)_01.14.18